I don't have time to breast-feed. How can you help?
Breastfeeding is time-consuming, but we recommend it as time well spent.  The advantages for your child and her development are only now starting to be generally recognized. Women report that the advantages for them are tremendous, too. They say that breastfeeding relaxes them, for one. So make a list, and we’ll do what you don’t get done as you give your child a gift that is unique and invaluable.

Why should I breast-feed my baby?
Breast milk is species-specific for your baby. No other milk can compare. Synthetic approximations to milk (formula) are missing components that have been shown to be critical to your baby’s optimal development.

How long should I breast-feed?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby be exclusively breastfed for the first six months and then for another six months as other foods are being introduced. After this, it is up to the mother how long she wants to continue breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not only food but comfort and reassurance for your baby. 

I have to work full-time. How can you help me breastfeed my baby?
We can talk, even while you are still pregnant, and explore some of your options. For example, we might suggest that you to talk to your boss or supervisor about the possibility of having your baby with you at work. After that we can come up with a schedule whereby we bring your baby to you periodically and care for him in your home. Or we can pick him up at your workplace and take him for walks, etc.

Shouldn’t I just use a breast pump so the sitter can feed my baby? 
Many women are using a breast pump these days and this is great. Their babies are getting their mothers’ milk. But we think that an even better solution (and probably easier) is to nurse your baby directly. There are many aspects to the ecology of natural mothering that you will discover as you make arrangements to put your child first. We think you will be amazed at how active you can be and still accommodate your young child.

We have two other young children. Can you help us with them as well?
Sure. Our rate is a family rate so you are getting a bargain.

I am home schooling our children. Can you offer special help for me?
Definitely. Educational consulting is our specialty. We will work out a program that best fits your need.

Would you be willing to take our toddler to swimming lessons?
Of course. Any such enrichment activities like going to the library, a play group, music classes or swimming are right up our alley. Last year we arranged with one of our clients to take her toddler to the ice arena on a regular basis. By the end of the winter, he wanted to skate by himself.

What if I don’t particularly want Flexicare in my home on a daily basis?
No problem. We can arrange to meet your child at a nearby home where we are working with another family’s children.

We need to get our pre-schooler to school by 8 every morning. Can you help us with this?
Breakfast and the whole dressing-and-in-the-car routine is easy for us. Just watch us! We’ll even do the lunch box.